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A comprehensive Allergy & Asthma service in Harley Street

Clinic Locations

Dr Ali’s clinics are conducted in the Harley Street medical district, located in central London. She practises at the prestigious King Edward VII’s Hospital Sister Agnes, which is renowned for its charter to serve the Royal Family, and The London Clinic, the largest independent private hospital in the country.   

King Edward VII’s Hospital Consulting RoomsKingEdwardVIIs (1)

37A Devonshire Street
Tel: 020 7467 4550

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The London Clinic Consulting Rooms Appointment with an Allergy Doctor in London

5 Devonshire Place
Tel: 0207 616 7693 (out-patients)

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If you think you may want to be tested for an allergy or checked for asthma, the first step is to make an appointment for a consultation.

You can make an appointment with Dr Ali by phone or email or you can fill in the form below.

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Mrs Shamsad Leahy

Secretary to Dr Runa Ali
Consultant Allergist & Respiratory Physician
King Edward VII’s Hospital Consulting Rooms
London W1G 6QA
T: 07985 793413
F: 08723 523412


What medications should I stop before the visit?

The main medications that should be stopped 48 hours before seeing Dr Ali are antihistamines, in order that skin prick testing may be carried out.  To help, here is a short list of common antihistamines: Clarityn (loratadine), Telfast (fexofenadine), Zirtek (cetirizine), Benadryl (acrivastine) and Piriton (chlorpheniramine) .  There are a lot more antihistamines on the market, many of which are also in cough/cold remedies.  Please feel free to call and ask if you’re unsure about your medications.  If you can’t manage to stop your anti-histamine medication, don’t worry, there are alternative tests available or you can be seen and the testing undertaken at a later date.

If you have asthma, try not to use your reliever (salbutamol; blue inhaler), as you will be asked to perform breathing tests and the result may be affected.

If you feel that your allergy is caused by foods please contact us to discuss bringing along small samples of these to your appointment for testing.

What to expect at your appointment?

Initial consultations last for 45 minutes, allowing time for Dr Ali to undertake a thorough history taking, examination and testing, followed by a diagnosis and education on your disorder (a self-management plan) including training on any devices issued. Follow-up visits are 20 minutes and may be required for outstanding test results or monitoring of your condition.  Following each consultation, a full medical report and management plan will be sent to you and your referring doctor by post.


Please come 5 minutes early to allow time to complete the hospital registration form.