Dr Runa Ali is simply brilliant: so kind, caring and very understanding to all her patients’ needs. I suffer from Asthma and have been under her care for 3 years now. She also diagnosed an immune system problem, which I was unaware of before and which means I am prone to recurrent chest infections. I was so poorly in one particular attack, I nearly died but Dr Ali found the right antibiotics. I am so happy and lucky to be under Dr Ali’s care, thank you for saving my life!
EK, Brighton
Asthma and immune deficiency

After years of suffering I finally met Dr Ali who changed my life around by recommending a very new drug. Her cautious, yet confident approach was very reassuring, and after a thorough assessment she had me booked in for this injection. I no longer take any antihistamines, and only occasionally need a top up of the injection! Dr Ali is a compassionate and dedicated doctor who is always up to date with the latest research, and is always prepared to adjust to the particular needs of her patients.
TF, London
Chronic urticaria

The care and medication chosen by Dr Ali has really changed my life! Well certainly my summers. It was a revelation, but with hindsight so obvious, to be told that my asthma and my hay fever needed to be treated separately. The asthma was tackled with new inhalers and daily montelukast pills and the hayfever with Oralair desensitisation pills from February to September. Both are now perfectly managed. Many thanks to Dr Ali and the team.
PA, London
Asthma and hayfever, Desensitised successfully

I arranged an appointment with Dr. Ali this year after many years of battling with tree and grass pollen. She conducted an allergy test, and after we discussed a range of possible treatment courses, I decided on sublingual immunotherapy in conjunction with an anti-inflammatory nasal spray. While she advised that sublingual immunotherapy often takes 3 years to reach full effect, I have had great results in the first year – I haven’t even had one sneeze this allergy season!
AB, London
Tree and grass pollen allergy, receiving Desensitisation

As a sufferer of various allergies such as: cats, white dogs and general spring and summer time – which has progressively become worse over recent years, I decided to visit Dr Runa Ali at the King Edward VII’s Consulting Rooms to see exactly what options were available to help me.
My allergies meant that if I touched cats and accidentally touched my face I would come out in a rash that looked like blisters, become short of breath and find myself with a lot of mouth ulcers within two days. With white dogs I would find my skin itchy and short of breath and with general spring / summer time I would have almost a permanent cold – sneezing with a nasal drip pretty much all of the time. I found myself taking between 2 – 3 allergy tablets daily, and around 4 if I was going to be around cats to help cope with the effects.
Dr Ali assessed my situation with a series of tests and informed me that I am allergic to Cats, Dogs, Dust and Grass. She prescribed me a nasal spray and strong allergy tablets and there has been a vast improvement since this point. I even tested myself and went to a friend’s house who has two cats and found that my chest only tightened very slightly with one sneeze the whole time I was there!
I am very happy with the outcome of my visit and now finally feel normal – I don’t have to turn down invitations to friends’ houses because of their pets anymore!
LD, Kent
Allergic to pollens and animal dander